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Flash-Based Workflow-Efficient HD Production, Multi-Format HD Cameras and Monitors, and Continuing Innovations Deliver Increased Value and Performance

NAB2009 LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER, BOOTH C-5108, APRIL 20-23, 2009 - Ikegami Electronics (U.S.A.), Inc., the world-leading manufacturer of advanced high definition (HD) television production solutions for broadcast television and professional video applications, will display a wide range of innovative new products at the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) exhibition, in Las Vegas.

Ikegami's NAB exhibit will include new additions to its GFSeries of tapeless HD Flash memory production tools, including the new GFS-P10 GF Station Portable player/recorder; GFS-V10PLGF Player low-cost desktop playback machine; GFAdapter for direct media interface to tower PC's; the multi-slot Studio GFAdapter; and Ikegami's Media Manager software for efficient GFSeries integration with large server-based production environments.

Additional new Ikegami products for NAB 2009 will also include: the HDK-77EC economical portable multi-format HD CMOS camera (dockable to triax or fiber); the CCU-890T camera-control unit for triax connectivity; the CCU-890M camera-control unit for triax and fiber connectivity; the three-CCD HDL-F25 "separate optics" compact HD camera for gyro-stabilized aerial mounts; new HLM-2450W and HLM-3250W 24- and 32-inch full 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD monitors; and Ikegami's exclusive demonstration of an optional 3G HD-SDI input for the new HLM-2450W LCD monitor that enables it to display the increased data rate of 1080/60p video (which will be provided by Ikegami's HDK-79EC/HS dual-processor Super Slow-Motion/standard-speed multi-format HD camera).

GFSeries New Additions
Having introduced the industry's first tapeless camcorder at NAB 1995, Ikegami has long led the industry in advancing workflow-efficient video acquisition. Now, Ikegami's open-solution GFSeries product line - developed in cooperation with Toshiba, a world leader in Flash memory - brings the superior advantages of Flash to all HDTV production applications, including ENG and documentary programming, sports, commercials, episodic production, multimedia, corporate television, and much more.

The GFSeries, featuring HD 1080i/720p format support, an open-codec HD/SD architecture, proxy video, and metadata convenience, leverages the increasing integration of IT networking in the broadcast industry and delivers unprecedented file-based HD workflow efficiencies extending from digital video capture, to non-linear editing, to content delivery. On display at NAB 2009 will be the GFCam HDS-V10 tapeless camcorder (this year featuring Bluetooth for instant export of thumbnail clips directly to a laptop application for fast logging, metadata insertion, and other workflow advantages), as well as the GFStation GFS-V10 Flash memory studio deck, and the rugged high-capacity GFPak HD Flash-memory media. Joining these revolutionary GFSeries products at this year's show, will be new additions to the product line for increased HD production convenience and functionality.

The new GFS-P10 GF Station Portable player/recorder is a half-rack-wide full-function portable deck for field or mobile playback of GFPak video or the recording of external video sources (such as pool feeds) via HD or SD-SDI inputs. Featuring the same user interface as the larger GFStation studio deck, the GFStation Portable provides a jog/shuttle dial and other VTR-style controls, a front-panel USB connector, and color LCD monitor with thumbnail display for quick access to individual clips, as well as audio and playback-level controls. The GF Station Portable provides the same built-in editing functions as the GFStation studio deck, such as cuts-only editing of GFPak video clips. An Ethernet port allows the GF Station Portable to transfer GFPak material via Gigabit Ethernet. A built-in up-/down-/cross-converter is included for playback of HD and SD content, as well as a composite video output for monitoring or playout.

Also joining the GFSeries line are: the new GFS-V10PL GF Player, a low-cost desktop playback machine for producers or news directors to view raw GFPak footage (Ethernet, 9-pin RS 4:2:2 connectivity, and DVI-D video output are included); the new GFAdapter for the convenience of direct plug-in of GFPak media into tower PC's with fast serial ATA interface; and the multi-slot Studio GFAdapter, designed as an accessory to the GF Station or GF Station Portable in studio/facility applications, giving immediate access to multiple GFPaks.

Media Manager software for efficient GFSeries integration with large server-based production environments will also be shown at NAB 2009. This PC application also allows for efficient transfer of GFPak recorded material to cost-effective external storage devices at faster than real time, as well as metadata review and entry to individual recorded clips for fast and easy recycling of GFPaks in the field.

Multi-Format HD Camera Convenience
Following on last year's introduction of Ikegami's popular HDK-77EX HDTV camera, comes the NAB 2009 debut of the affordable new HDK-77EC portable multi-format HD CMOS camera to meet the demands of an increasingly varied HD market, including stadium/arena scoreboard, house of worship, education, and other production applications. Featuring CMOS sensors for 1080i/720p HD format flexibility, lower power consumption, and reduced operating temperature, the HDK-77EC is an economical docking-style camera that comes packaged with the new CCU-890T camera-control unit for triax connectivity. Also being introduced is the new CCU-890M with built-in triax and fiber for convenient, lightweight mobile-unit flexibility. Intended for use with the HDK-79EC, as well as Ikegami's new HDK-77EC, the user's choice of camera cable type is determined by a simple switch at the CCU, combined with mounting the docking TA Triax Adapter or FA Fiber Adapter to the camera head.

Ikegami's innovations for the increasingly varied HD market also include a new camera designed for aerial applications. The new HDL-F25 is a "separate optics" 1080i HD camera featuring a compact optical block (80mm in physical depth) designed to mate with long telephoto lenses inside a gyro-stabilized mount (e.g., for helicopter or blimp applications). Separable from its "box-style" CCU by cable lengths as long as 50 meters, the new HDL-F25's optical block features three full-quality 2/3-inch CCD's for maximum sensitivity, signal-to-noise, and colorimetry performance. This airborne HD camera is designed not only for broadcast use, but also for homeland security and law-enforcement applications.

Further extending Ikegami's LCD monitor product line will be two new larger-size models: the HLM-2450W and the HLM-3250W. Measuring 24 and 32 inches, respectively, these full 1920 x 1080 resolution monitors display not only HD and SD video but also vector and waveform display, adjustable horizontal or vertical color-coded embedded audio meters, and - as an option - can output embedded audio.

Given the increasing interest among broadcasters and audiences for 1080/60p sports and other content, Ikegami will demonstrate an optional 3G HD-SDI input module for its new HLM-2450W 24-inch LCD monitor. The 1080/60p video will be generated by Ikegami's HDK-79EC/HS dual-processor high-speed CMOS multi-format HD camera. The standard HDK-79EC camera can be upgraded to the HS (high-speed) version with a plug-in module, adding 1080/60p - and for Super Slow-Motion 1080/120i and 720/120p - to its line-up of standard-speed formats. This innovation saves users from the need for a separate high-speed camera for the capture of slow-motion HD video.

These and other revolutionary new and established Ikegami products will be exhibited throughout NAB 2009 at Booth No. C-5108 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 20 to 23.

Ikegami Electronics (U.S.A.), Inc. is a leading supplier of professional broadcasting products in the Western Hemisphere. With U.S. offices in New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, and Illinois, the Ikegami name is recognized worldwide for its state-of-the-art television cameras and closed-circuit TV equipment. Ikegami's universal High Definition TV cameras have been widely accepted by the broadcast industry as it continues the transition to the High Definition Television Format.

Ikegami- "Tapeless Wireless Seamless"

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Pocket Guide2009 Pocket Guide » 2.7MB PDF
GFS-V10PLGFPLAYER Compact Player » 6KB PDF
GF MEDIA MANAGERGF Application Software » 6KB PDF
HDK-727Native 720p HD Studio Camera » 1.7MB PDF
HDK-727PNative 720p HD Portable Camera » 1.7MB PDF
HDK-77ECCMOS Multi-format HD Low Cost Portable Camera » 7KB PDF
HDK-77EXCCD HD Low Cost Portable Camera » 2.6MB PDF
HDK-79ECCMOS Multi-format HD Portable Camera » 1.5MB PDF
HDK-790EX-III1080i HD Studio Camera » 3.8MB PDF
HDK-79EX-III1080i HD Portable Camera » 3.8MB PDF
HDL-45 seriesBox Type HD CCD Camera » 1.2MB PDF
HDL-50 series Box Type HD CMOS Camera » 5KB PDF
HDL-F25 seriesBox Type HD Multi-Purpose Camera » 3KB PDF
HL-65WSD Portable Camera » 1.6MB PDF
HLM-2450W24-inch Full HD LCD Montior » 2.9MB PDF
HLM-3250W32-inch Full HD LCD Montior » 2.9MB PDF
HSS-300HD/SD Digital Production Switcher » 1.7MB PDF

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