Camera Model Tripod adapter
HL series cameras
HL-43, HL-43A, HL-45, HL-45A, HL-45AW, HL-45W, HL-53, HL-55, HL-55A, HL-57, HL-59, HL-60W, HL-95, HL-DV5, HL-DV7W, HL-V55, HL-V59, HL-V59W, HL-V73, HL-V73W, HL-V75W, HL-V77, HL-V77W, HL-V79W T-791
HL-45/45W* T-201V
HL-79A/79D/79E T-79
HL-95* T-95
HL-V55/V59* T-201V
* HL-95 can be used with T-791, T-95 either type.
* HL-V55/V59/45/45W with T-201V requires camera side modification.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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