HDK-79EC   HD Native Multi-format CMOS Camera System

Full Digital and High Picture Quality
Using newly developed digital process ICs, precision designed at 0.18Ám rule, the video signals are digitized with A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital processing circuit. As non-linear processing such as gamma correction is performed digitally, consistent and repetitive high picture quality and stable reliability is assured.

User's quotes;
  • WYES-TV (New Orleans,LA)
  • Bexel Corporation
  • F&F Production (Clearwater, FL)

  • Features
    • Employs new technology
      2/3-inch specified CMOS sensors Native 720/60p, 1080/60i or 1080/24p operationavailable

    • Simultaneous 480/60i Output available from CCU with aspect ratio control

    • New HDTV System Accessories, CB-79HD / TA-79HD Triax Adaptor system »» View
      (Triax and Fiber operation available with new CB-79HD for CCU-790A) The CB-79HD/TA-79HD HDTV newtriax adaptor system is a higher performance. It is ideally suited for various field applications in the digital era. The system consists of the TA-79HD docking TriaxAdaptor and the CB-79HD CCU side Converter Box. The CCU converter box enables use of triax or fiber cable without any reconfiguration. Docking type adaptors for triax or fiber make camera configuration quick and easy. No local AC power is necessary because the CCU provides AC power for the full system. The CB-79HD CCU converter box is only 1U rack size providing efficient use of space

    • New Camera Control Unit
      Choice of two Camera Control Units are newly designed with use of an optical fiber connection between the HDK cameras, ensuring high-quality signal transmission and longer cable runs.

    • Full rack size CCU-890 »» View
    • Half rack size BS-89 »» View
    • Studio lens and 7-inch VF operation with SE-79D System Expander
      »»VFL-900HA |  »» View Image
    • HDK-79EC/HS High Speed Model, exploiting new CMOS technology, the HDK-79EC/HS offers 1080/60p and 720/120p High Speed sensor readout for special applications, including Super Slow Motion, also available.

    Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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