EC-35   The World's first Electronic Cinematography Camera

In September 1983


Ikegami's video craftsmen have developed an electronic cinematography camera that rivals the film look of 35-mm cameras- without the cost of developing film. Now you can have video convenience but with film quality. The EC-35 has been designed from the bottom up to match the convenience, handling, and quality of 35-mm cameras. Think of the possibilities this will open up for you: quality productions at lower cost, faster productions, being able to see results right away without having to wait for dailies, endless possibilities.
The EC-35 uses 2/3" Low-capacity diode-gun Plumbicon pickup tubes. The EC-35 has a complete micro-processor that will automatically perform all of the set-up functions for you. All you do is aim the camera at the test chart, push AUTO SET . and wait for the SET UP light to go off. The EC-35 has an unusually wide dynamic range that makes the picture look like it was taken with a 35-mm film camera:

  • The camera uses special technology to produce gamma curves that match that of film.
  • The knee compression circuit compresses signals from 600% of the rated signal level down to 100%.
  • A dynamic beam stretch circuit (DBS) stabilizes highlight signals as much as four stops in excess of normal peak video level.
  • The EC-35 has extremely high resolution and low noise (S/N over 57dB rms).
  • A dynamic beam focus circuit improves corner focus resulting in sharper pictures from corner to corner .
  • Image enhancement and out of band aperture correction signals are proportionately mixed, producing excep- tionally pleasing picture detail.

This all means that you'll get excellent picture quality: As good as or better than 35-mm film images reproduced by a top telecine system.
Ordinary video lenses weren't good enough for the EC-35. A whole new set of lenses have been designed and even calibrated in T -stops -so that you would feel at home with this camera. The EC-35 has its own set of five, fixed, focal-length lenses interchangeable without effecting registration or color balance. You can also use the special effects filters you already have for your film camera. Using these superior quality lenses you'll be able to do something you could never do with ordinary video lenses: Use depth of focus to create scenes as a film camera does. You'll also be able to regulate the light source to create lighting effects that you'd normally use for a film camera.
The EC-35, like a 35-mm camera, is normally used with a tripod-but itcan be hand held. It weighs in at about 9.9 kg (under 22 Ibs, with 1.5" VF). It has a focus knob, like that of a 35-mm camera, which you can use for the "follow focus" method of filming. Off the tripod, you'll like its balanced feel in your hands. You'll find VTR START and RETURN VIDEO controls on the pistol-grip for handy use. You can use the EC-35 with any production VTR. The viewfinder is rotatable, positionable in the front or rear of the camera. You have a range of viewfinders to choose from: 1.5", or 6". You can even attach a second viewfinder for the assistant cameraman. A new type of geometry corrector, based on quadrant control, makes it easier to set up the registration with exceptional accuracy. And the EC-35 comes with an arms-Iength of typical Ikegami high-tech features: Auto black/white balance will reset color balance for you in response to changes in color temperature. A video level (zebra), shows you 100% white or 70% flesh tone level. A level meter will help you in selecting an NO filter and in deciding the right amount of light, and it comes with a handy dotline indicator. On the upper portion of the viewfinder is a timer that shows you the remaining VTR tape time.
A new world of film making is opening up and Ikegami wants you to take part in it
Take a look at the specifications and decide for yourself: Shouldn't y\Jur next TV production be filmed with an EC- 35? Remember, every Ikegami camera is built with renow- ned Ikegami craftsmanship. With the EC-35, you'll be getting a film-quality video camera that you can rely on. Oon't think of the EC-35 as just another video camera; think of itas your next camera for productions where you'd normally use a 35-mm camera.

External sync for genlock: BBS/VBS
Composite: VBS 2 outputs
Monitor video: VBS
REMOTE/VTR connector
Inputs: Return, Ext power, Digital control, Tally, Intercom
Outputs: Composite, R.G.B. video, VTR start/stop
Ambient temperature: -20C -+50C (-4F -+122F)
Dimensions: 183(W) x 182(H) x 325(D) mm / 7.2(W) x 7.1(H) x 12.8(D) inch
Weight: (less lensl 9.9 kg approx. (incl. 1.5" VF)
Camera tube: 2/3" LOC diode gun tube
Optical filter: Plug in type
Bias light: Built in
Viewfinder: 1.5 or 6.0 inch, high resolution
Power: +12V DC
Lens EC Camera Lens 35mm Cine Lens Equivalent
Focal Length T No. Horizontal Angle Focal Length T No. Horizontal Angle
Zoom Lens 10.5-50mm T1.6 45.5°-10.1° 25-120mm T2.8 45.5°-10.1°
6mm T1.5 72.5° 15mm T2.8 72.5°
10mm T1.5 47.5° 24mm T1.6 47.5°
15mm T1.5 32.7° 38mm T1.4 32.7°
24mm T1.5 20.8° 55mm T1.4 20.8°
35mm T1.5 14.3° 85mm T1.4 14.3°
S/N : 57dB rms (gamma off. Detail off. Matrix off. Aperture off)
Response : 400 TV-Iine 100% (Aperture on)
Sensitivity : 2,500 lux. T 4
Registration 1st zone Max. 0.05%
(within an ellipse centered in the active picture height and width)
2nd zone Max. 0.1% (outside of 1st zone)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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