HL-55   Compact, Lightwight FIT CCD Camera

HL-55 with M-II VCR


Ikegami's HL-55 is a compact, lightweight ENG camera specifically designed to be used in conjunction with various 1/2" on-board VCR's. The camera, built for rugged professional broadcast use, employs a newly developed Frame Interline Transfer (RT) CCD with 400,000 pixels, resulting in low Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN), reduced vertical smear and enhanced resolution. The camerq also contains an electronic six-speed shutter for improved dynamic resolution and slow-motion special effects. The HL-55 belongs to Ikegami's "UNICAM" family of cameras, and is compatible with all HL-95 accessories. Therefore, maximum operational flexibility and versatility can be achieved with a wide variety of accessories.

  • Compact and light-weight
    Use of high performance CCD pickup devices enables lower weight and power consumption to be achieved. Weight: 6.8 lbs. including a viewfinder Power Consumption 14W.
  • High resolution and high S/N ratio
    The high performance CCD pickup devices and most advanced circuit technology yield a substantial improvement in resolution, S/N ratio, and sensitivity. The HL-55 features a resolution of 700 horizontal lines, and a high S/N ratio of 62dB of better with performance superior to that of conventional cameras.
  • High sensitivity ;
    The improvement in S/N ratio allows increased video gain of +24dB, if necessary. An excellenct minimum illumination of 10 lux with a high qualify image is possible. The three position gain selectual switch can be set by internal links to select gains betwen 0 and +24dB in 6dB steps.
  • Dynamic DTL
    Dynamic DTL improves resolution and, sharpness to ensure consistent images that are crisp and clear from center to corner.
  • White shading correction
    There are white shading controls for red, green and blue. The correction level automatically varies to give optimum correction, even when the lens extender is used.
  • Multi-speed electronic shutter
    Featuring a multi-speed electronic shutter, the HL-55 has dynamic resolution even when shooting moving objects, such as, in sporting events.
  • Horizontal DTL
    Horizontal DTL correction is derived from an RGB mix making possible to obtain sharp pictures at all times.
  • Auto highlight compression / knee aperture correction
    Optimum dynamic range and excellent detail can be achieved in outdoor scenes with high contrast through auto highlight compression circuitry. The knee aperture circuit provides additional correction to enhance resolution in the highlight areas.
  • VCR interface
    A variety of adapters is available to provide proper interface, both electrical and mechanical, with 1/2 inch broadcast VCR's. The HL-55 can operate as a combined camera and recorder with the aid of these adapters. All accessones, including the adapters, are common to both the HL-55 and the HL-95 UNICAM thus great convenience and cost saving can be obtained.
  • Various functions which enhance operability
    The HL-55 features a Wloe variety of additional functions including color bars, genlock circuit, and an audio monitor speaker, enabling it to be used in EFP applications as well as in ENG operation. An auto Iris switch on the side ofthecamera.ows the to be opened or closed one f stop above or below normal auto iris setting.
[ Mechanical ]
1) Dimensions. 95(W) X 230(H) x 155(D) mm
3.7(W) X 9.0(H) X 6.1(D) inches
2) Weight. 3.1kg. (6.8 lbs.) (with 1.5" VF)
3) Lens mount. Bayonet (interchangeable with HL-95/79E)
4) Optical filter
1 2 3 4
3000°K 5600°K 5600°K
[ Electrical ]
1) DC input signal: 12V (11-16V)
2) Power consumption 14W
3) External sync input signal
for genlock
VBS 1Vp-p or BBS 0.45Vp-p
4) Return video signal VBS or VS 1Vp-p
5) MIC input. -60dBm
6) Tally input. Power/Contact (with CA-95C)
7) Intercom. 2-wire/4-wire (with CA-95C)
8) Sensitivity. 2000 lux @ f 5.6
9) Gain switchable 0, +9, +18dB (STD)
0, +6, +12dB
0, +12, +18dB
0, +6, +18dB
* Selectable by internal switches
10) Signal to Noise Ratio. More than 62dB
11) Resolution. H: 700TVL
V: 400TVL
12) Video output signal: VBS 1Vp-p, 75 ohm, 1 output
Component output 1 ch
R.G.B. output 1ch
13) VF video. R+G+B (normal) or Monitor output
signal selected by the monitor switch
14) Monitor output signal. R, G, B, R-G, B-G, R+G+B, ENC
15) Shutter speeds: 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 seconds

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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