ITC-730A/AP   High Performance ENG / EFP Camera


  Performance Features:
  • Saticon II pick-up tubes are utilized for lowest image lag.
  • ITC-730AP : High performance Plumbicon tube model
  • A built-in high-speed (f/1.4) prism beamsplitter produces pictures with low shading, excellent resolution, colorimetry, and high sen- sitivity (f/4.0 at 2000 lux).
  • A high-performance FET is built into the coil assembly to offer pictures with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 57 dB
  • Bias light is incorporated to reduce lag on low-Iight scenes.
  • A horizontal and vertical detail corrector assures an excellent, crisp, sharp image. (A 2H detail corrector with built-in comb filtering)
  • The camera employs a deflection distortion corrector to make images with extremely low registration error.
  • To ensure superior corner resolution, dynamic focus is employed.

Operational Features
  • The light weight camera head is well balanced on the shoulder, so there is no feeling of fatigue during extended operation.
  • Rugged camera head: The camera head is made from a tough, magnesium diecast alloy.
  • The lens mount is the same size as that on the ITC-350, ITC-730, HL-790 and HL-79E cameras. Perfect interchange among lenses is possible -meaning you can use a wide variety of ENG-type high-magnification lenses with any of these cameras.
  • A servo type auto iris control system is capable of sensing peak video, average picture level (APL) , or variable combination of peak and APL. An iris weighting system is also incorporated.
  • The auto iris closes automatically to protect the camera pickup tubes from damage whenever the power is turned off.
  • To maintain optimum video quality under all indoor and outdoor conditions, the ITC- 730A incorporates a color temperature filter wheel. Indoors: 3200K
    Outdoors (cloudy weather): 5600K
    Outdoors (sunny weather): 5600K + 25% ND
    CAP: Blind
  • The camera uses a digital white balance based on a non-volatile 8-bit memory. Thus, not only is white balance achieved instantly, but memory can be retained for over a year, even after power has been turned off. This serves to eliminate the need, during standby, to adjust white balance for each operation. Stable opera tion is ensured-even against rapid temperature changes.
  • The + 9 dB/ + 18 dB video gain switch makes it possible for you to increase the sensitivity by up to 8 folds, enabling shooting under lighting conditions as low as 40 lux (with an f/1.6 lens).
  • A built-in DBS (Dynamic Beam Stretch) discharges spectral high lights , which minimizes comet-tailing,
  • An easy-to-read zebra pattern indicator is displayed in the view finder to ensure optimum matching of video signal levels.
  • The split field color bar generator built in the encoder offers con- venience in adjusting the monitor (meets RS-189A).
  • Return video can be viewed on the viewfinder
  • Power consumption can be reduced by using the standby switch. (During standby. approx. 1 W).
  • The eyepiece position and angle of the 1.5-inch viewfinder can be adjusted to fit the needs of different camera operators The eyepiece is provided with a vision correcting mechanism (focusable) .
  • In addition to indicating ON AIR the tally lamp also indicates VTR START /STOP and CALL from the CCU
  • The camera is provided with a MIC INPUT jack for audio. It also has a built-in amplifier that provides a gain of -60 dBm to 0 dBm unbalanced and -60 dBm balanced output, a feature that enables simultaneous video-audio recording for different VTRs.
  • An intercom jack and an intercom mic ON/OFF switch are also provided
  • Level suppression: Controls for knee point and slope are provided to accommodate scenes with high contrast range. (300%)
  • Provision of a special bracket for the battery pack permits simple mounting/ dismounting of batteries.
  • A dynamic character display unit (optional) displays the status of different functions in the viewfinder This permits easy monitoring of camera status even while using the camera Status for battery, white balance, gain, VTR, genlock, and filter position are displayed
System Connection Features
  • A built-in genlock feature (standard) makes external sync (VBS/BBS signals) operation possible by a coaxial cable
  • When the supply of genlock signals stop, the camera is automatically switched over to the internal sync operation
  • There is easy control of subcarrier phase and horizontal sync phase at the camera head.
  • Horizontal and vertical blanking widths can be controlled separately
  • SC-H phase relationship meets EIA RS-170A.
  • Gamma correction is coniinuously adjustable in each video channel to permit easy matching to other cameras
  • By connecting the CCU- 730A, a variety of remote control opera- tions, such as those shown below, are possible.
    1) Iris 4) R/B pedestal
    2) Manual/ Auto switch over 5) Painting with R-knob and of iris B-knob
    3) Master pedestal 6) Painting with R/B-knob
    7) Auto white setting 11) NOR/MID/HIGH (0/ +9/ +18 dB) Gain switchover
    8) Color bar switching phase 12) Camera call
    9) Subcarrier phase control 13) R/B H-centering
    10) Horizontal sync phase control 14) R/B V-centering
  • The 5-inch viewfinder is equipped with a tilting mechanism mount for studio use (A 1.5-inch viewfinder for portable use is also available)
Maintenance Features
  • Easy replacement of camera tubes Ikegami introduces a unique, easy-access method for removing and replacing ENG camera pickup tubes. After removing the side panel and the screws on the front panel, the entire optical block slides out In this position, all pickup tubes are easily accessed Adjustments can be quickly performed.
  • To facilitate adjustment of the infinity distance and rotation mechanism of the pickup tubes, a dual lock system has been adopted
  • The filter disc is easily removable to facilitate mounting/dismount ing of the disc and cleaning.
  • Plug-in printed circuit boards are divided according to circuit function; all major controls are arranged in front of each unit to expedite adjustments
  • To allow for speedy maintenance operations, the camera is pro vided with the following two structural features
    1. The provision of multi-connectors to facilitate mounting/ dis mounting of each unit
    2. All components such as switches and connectors are grouped together, block by block, with the blocks, in turn, intercon nected by connectors
  • Convenience is offered for level checks and registration matching, because the camera is equipped with an "R.GB minus G" monitor selector switch It is designed so that each signal will be fed out to the VF as well as to the test monitor connector
Camera Control Unit
  • The ITC-730AP CCU mounts into a 19" rack, height is 3.5 inches.
  • The CCU- 730A compensates for cable lengths up to 300 meters. Cable diameter is 13 mm. Cable compensation positions are 15/100/200/300 meters.
  • The standard unit can be operated from Camera Head power, a battery, or other D.C. power source.
  • Horizontal phase is automatically controlled by APC (Auto Phase Control) system regardless of cable length.
  • Utilizes a power source with a remote sensing function which automatically supplies a fixed voltage to camera head, regardless of cable length.
  • R, G, and B signals (with one channel provided for each), simultaneously fed out from the CCU, may be utilized for chroma key signals.
Power Supply System
  • The camera head accepts a single + 12 Volt power supplY which can be either a battery pack, an AC power pack (ACP-35) , a CCU, or other comparable power sources {such as a car battery)
  • Based on a switching regulator system, the AC power pack is both compact and light. It also employs a remote sensing system which makes available an automatic supply of a fixed voltage to the camera regardless of how long the cable is
VBA-1A Beta Recorder Adapter
  • The VBA-1A Beta recorder adapter enables the Betacam format recorder to be used with the ITC-730A

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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