Repair Order Instruction

  1. RA (return authorization) number
    Please get a RA# to avoid receiving error or delay.
    To get the RA#, please call; 1-800-368-9171 (9:00-5:00 EST) or e-mail to: .
    (from out side the USA : +1-201-368-9171)

  2. Sending item
    (An estimate fee will be charged, please contact customer service before you send item.)
    Please send your item to;
    Ikegami Electronics (USA) Inc.
    RA# ____________
    37 Brook Avenue
    Maywood, NJ 07607
    » enlarge for label

    Also include following information for faster process;
  3. Symptom (what is wrong with the item)
  4. Your name and phone (e-mail)
  5. Billing name & address
  6. Return shipping instruction

  7. With your confirmation, we will start repair.
  8. After repair, we will contact you again with final result.
  9. We will return the item to you.

  • Please refer the RA# when you inquire repair status.
  • Please see our repair warranty policy, also.