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WASHINGTON D.C. - March 25, 2003: Atlantic Video, offering the largest TV studio complex in Washington D.C., brings a new definition to comprehensive service by planning many of the shows they produce from concept all the way to broadcast. Given the chance to oversee every detail for two of ESPN's most popular shows, "Around the Horn" and "Pardon the Interruption", Atlantic Video specified the leading picture quality and reliability of Ikegami HL-59W and HK-388W digital cameras.

"We have a very high quality standard at Atlantic Video, ESPN shares those standards, and we chose Ikegami cameras for both shows," says Todd Mason, President of Atlantic Video, Inc. "Everyone was in agreement that the cameras had to be of the highest caliber, and the combination of the Ikegami HL-59W and HK-388W provides us with seamless integration between remote shooting and the Washington studios. They match beautifully, and they've been incredibly reliable. Our Ikegami products are all switchable between 4:3 and 16:9, an important feature which makes us feel that we're making a wise choice for today and the future."

For "Around the Horn", which sees four sports columnists around the country exchanging heated opinions on current issues, Atlantic Video specified Ikegami HL-59 cameras for the insert studios that were built into the newsroom at the writersEnewspapers. "That took a lot of development between Ikegami and our development team," Mason says. "There is an Ikegami control panel here, and we control those camerasEP/T/Z and all of the other CCU functions. That is not particularly uncommon with industrial cameras, but we're one of the first to do it with high end broadcast cameras like the HL-59W. Ikegami was extremely responsive to a unique request."

The HL-59W digital processing camera incorporates 520,000-pixel 16:9 FIT CCDs to achieve 16:9/4:3 switchable modes with the aid of a newly developed CCD drive scheme. It accommodates the need for stability with high image quality and low power consumption, while delivering either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio pictures. The HL-59 achieves gripping picture quality with a horizontal resolution of 900 lines, in addition to a high level of stability and reliability provided by digital processing circuitry.

The Ikegami HK-388W uses newly developed 640,000 pixel 2/3-inch FIT CCDS to help deliver high resolution and extremely accurate color fidelity. The cameras can instantly convert between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, while extensive digital circuitry achieves excellent images consistently and easily. A 10MHz ultra-wideband component triax system and a fiber optic digital transmission system were introduced together with the HK-388W, delivering high resolution pictures even at long cable lengths.

Ikegami's rugged construction and commitment to customer service has made Atlantic Video's cameras a very dependable commodity. "We've found that the Ikegami ENG cameras are durable and sturdy " flying in planes, through all sorts of terrain " they've really stood the test of time and climate," Mason reports. "On the rare times we've needed service, Ikegami has been phenomenal. They've really built a solid camera."

As Atlantic Video works on producing more hit shows for ESPN and beyond, they know they've got the camera angle totally covered. "Ikegami gives me the confidence that I'll be able to deliver," Todd Mason concludes. "They have a great personal touch, they'll work with us in unique situations, and the customer service is outstanding. At our company we have dedication to the end goal, and Ikegami shares that philosophy."

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