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           The image is the starting point of image technology. The whole image process begins with the faithful reproduction. Ikegami Tsushinki became known throughout the world thanks to a portable television camera called the "Handy Looky", which was used by U.S.broadcaster, CBS, in 1962. Since then, in broadcasting both in Japan and abroad, we have continued to capture the moment and move its audience. We have always been committed to providing high-quality, highly intelligent products and this attachment to the origin of image technology will remain unchanged in future. Our image technology is recognized and used in many fields, not only broadcasting. We supply a broad array of equipment suited to a wide range of industrial fields, notably industrial compact cameras requiring high-precision, as well as 3CCD TV equipment for protecting the safety of society and individuals in areas such as crime prevention, fire prevention and traffic monitoring. Across all fields, we enjoy a high level of technical ability, and have repeatedly succeeded in responding to all image-quality requirements. Ikegami Tsushinki will continue to supply advanced, high-quality products at many areas including broadcasting and industry.

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 Full Digital HDTV
 Camera for use
 in broadcasting
Digital processing 
portable camera for 
use in broadcasting 
 High picture quality
 3CCD digital
 color camera
High resolution 
compact progressive  
scan camera 
 Color nine-part 
 monitor camera