UHL-F4000 : 4K/HD Multi Purpose Camera



The UHL-F4000 is a 4K/HD 3CMOS Multi-Purpose separate optics 2-piece camera, featuring a compact, lightweight, and low power consuming camera head (optical block), which makes the camera especially well suited for helicopter camera applications. As the succeeding model of the HDL-F3000, the F4000 is newly equipped with Global Shutter CMOS sensors, which capture natural images completely clear of geometric distortion during still frame analysis and flash band effects. The F4000 is also newly capable of outputting 4K and Cutout HD images, but its significant low light capability has been passed down from its former model. Additional improvements in its image processing functions such as Variable Contrast Control, Image Sharpening Function, and Digital Zoom Function (from 1.1x to 10.0x) will broaden the F4000’s usage.