RCU-701 :Remote Set-Up Unit

The Remote Set-Up Unit is designed to remotely make various settings of the ICD-700/703/703W/808/828/848 CCTV cameras. Video output coaxial cable is used for multi-channel transmission control, which means that no separate cabling is needed. Function settings and picture quality adjustment of the cameras can be made by means of the monitor screen. All the settings are kept in memory of the cameras. The unit may therefore be disconnected once the settings have been completed.


  • Different types for different TV broadcast systems
    The RCU-701 is available in two types; NTSC and PAL systems. The types are identified with the markings on the main nameplate at the unit’s bottom.

  • Applicable cameras
    The following models of cameras can be controlled by the RCU-701.

    (1) “TYPE N” cameras for NTSC system
    (2) “TYPE P” cameras for PAL system

    The RCU-701 does not work for any other cameras than mentioned above.
    Note: This unit is not intended to supply power to the cameras.

RCU-701, Remote Set-Up Unit (Instruction Manual: PDF: 0.6MB)