POIE-8000C : Color Powdered/Granulated Medicine Inspection Equipment


The POIE-8000C Color Powdered/Granulated Medicine Inspection Device combines the color processing technology developed for tablet inspection equipment with technology for screening powdered and granulated medicines for impurities, thereby boosting the precision with which colored foreign matter can be detected. This new device also allows for certain colors to be specified for the detection of foreign matter that color. The device also comes equipped with a “linear feature extraction processing function”, which facilitates the high-precision detection of fine fibers and hairs.With this new equipment, too, comes a marked increase in processing capacity thanks to the wide inspection conveyor belt that provides a stable, constant supply of sample material and the five-speed conveyor belt action (top speed is approximately 18m/minute).
In addition, the exclusion mechanism employs a reliable rotary nozzle system. This ensures that accurate pinpoint suction is provided only around the foreign substance, thereby boosting the recovery ratio of quality product.

*Processing capacity: More than double (based on in-house comparisons)
*This product was jointly developed in conjunction with Eisai Co., Ltd.