TIE-9500 : Color Visual Tablet Inspection Equipment


This color visual tablet inspection equipment TIE-9500 was designed with a newly developped optical system, A.I.I. (An Individual Imaging optical system), which can take high resolution images. Compared to previous models, the inspection level was significantly improved, even microscopic smear, chipped and substances on tablet’s edging area can be detected. The camera section also contains newly developped high sensitivity color line-sensor cameras, which increased detection quality of colored defects with luminance, hue, purity and brightness. The TIE-9500 can contribute greatly to improving product quality, consistency and safety, as well as helping to improve overall production efficiency.

Output Capacity (per 1 hour):
TIE-9500 : up to 600,000 tablets
TIE-9000 : up to 300,000