BS-98: 3G Base Station

BS-98 is a 3G ready fiber transmission Base Station for UnicamHD series cameras. 3G transmission systems can be configured in combination with 3G ready cameras.

  • 3G Wideband transmission between camera head and CCU as well as 1.5G output.
  • Selectable multi output port for 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI by the menu.
  • 4 channels RET video input as standard. 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals are automatically identified.
  • By menu selection, HD Q-TV and RET signals output through the MON SDI connecter on the rear of a camera. Both HD Q-TV and Q-TV(VBS) can be used. Capable asynchronous image input and Embeded Audio x 4ch. 
  • QTV (VBS) x2 as standard.(2nd channel is an option for FA-97A)
  • HD-SDI TRUNK for the transmission of different video signal from camera between camera and CCU as option. Multiplexed ANC(Embedded AUDIO etc.)is available in case the signal is synchronized with a camera.(Only in 1.5G mode)
  • Camera No. and ARC ID displayed on the front panel are convenient to use as well as capability of PGM3 and Y TALLY as standard.