BST-55 : Digital Triax Base Station

The DTA-55 / BST-55 is a triax transmission system, using Ikegami’s original super low latency digital transmission to minimize degradation and deliver the full resolution and SNR of the camera head to the base station regardless of the triax cable distance. This new transmission system allows customers to transition from SD to HD while still using their existing triax camera cable infrastructure, saving cost and continuing to use a rugged easy to repair cable/connector type.

Input Signals
External Sync Signal 1ch (HDTV/SDTV auto detect)
HDTV: PS 1Vp-p 75ohm bridged or Tri-sync signal 0.6Vp-p ± 6dB 75ohm bridged connection
SDTV: VBS 1Vp-p 75ohm bridged connection or BBS 75ohm bridged connection
Return Video Signal HD/SD-SDI: 75ohm single end 2ch (HD/SD SDI Selectable)
VBS: 75ohm single end 2ch
Q-TV Signal SD-SDI 75ohm single end 1ch
Intercom(ENG/PROD) 4-wire or Clearcom or RTS
4-wire : 0dBm 600 ohm 2ch
Clearcom : -15dBs 200 ohm 2ch
RTS : 0dBs 200 ohm 2ch
PGM(Program Sound) : 0dBs 600 ohm/10k ohm switchable 2ch
Tally: R/G 2ch
Output Signals
Main Video Signal HD-SDI/SD-SDI Signal : HD-SDI(SMPTE292M) /SD-SDI(SMPTE259M) 75ohm 2ch 4 outputs (HD-SDI/SD-SDI selectable)
VBS Signal: 1.0Vp-p 75ohm 1ch 2 outputs
PM Signal HD-SDI/SD-SDI Signal : Serial Digital 75 ohm BNC 1ch 1 output (MENU SELECTION)
SDTV Analog Signal : 1.0Vp-p 75ohm BNC type 1ch 1 output
WFM Signal HD-SDI/SD-SDI Signal, Serial Digital 75ohm 1ch (HD-SDI/SD-SDI selectable)
Phase Reference Signal 75 ohm single end Analog 1ch HDTV: Tri-Sync(0.6Vp-p) / SDTV: HV(2Vp-p) (MENU SELECTION)
Intercom(ENG/PROD) 4-wire or Clearcom or RTS
4-wire: 0dBm 600 ohm 2ch
Clearcom : -15dBs 200 ohm 2ch
RTS : 0dBs 200 ohm 2ch
MIC 0dBs/+4dBs 2 ch 2 outputs Low impedance (MENU SELECTION)
Tally R/G 2ch, OPEN (OFF) / GND (ON) 50mA (max)
Data Trunk RS-422 1ch *Option for camera side
Power Voltage AC100V to 120V / 200V to 240V ±10%
Power Consumption Approx. 80VA (BS only) Power for camera head: less than 180VA
Ambient Temperature Operating temperature 0℃ ~ +40℃
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ +60℃
Ambient Humidity 30% ~ 90% without condensation
Dimensions W483 x H66.4 x D405 mm (not including projections)
Weight Approx. 8kg
Maximum Cable Distance 800m with Fujikura 8.8mmφ Triax Cable
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