CB-79HD: Triax Adapter System


CB-79HD-TA-79HD HDTV Triax System (for Portable Camera)

The CB-79HD/TA-79HD HDTV new triax adaptor system is a high performance transmission technology. It is ideally suited for various field applications in the digital era. The system consists of the TA-79HD docking Triax Adaptor and the CB-79HD CCU side Converter Box. The CCU converter box enables use of triax or fiber makes cable without any reconfiguration. Docking type adaptors for triax or fiber make camera configuration quick and easy. No local AC power is necessary because the CCU provides AC power for the full system. The CB-79HD CCU converter box is only 1U rack size providing efficient use of space.

CB-79HD HDTV Triax System (for Large Camera)

Ikegami’s second generation HDTV triax system is now available for the full studio cameras, the HDK-790E and HDK-725. The TFA-79HD, housed in a rugged weather resistant case, is used together with the CB-79HD at the CCU side for full resolution transmission of HD signals over conventional triax cable.

SE-79D System Expander (for Portable Camera)

The SE-79D System Expander enables the use of the 7-inch viewfinder and full studio lenses with the HDK-79E, converting the portable camera into a full facility studio camera. Installation of the camera into the SE-79D is very easy, and conversion back to portable configuration is quick for maximum operating flexibility.

Transmission Distance:
Up to 850m (2,800ft.) by 8.8mm diameter triax / Fujikura type ll-21479
Up to 1,550m (5,100ft.) by 14.5mm diameter triax / Fujikura type ll-21479
Up to 500m (1,600ft.) by 9.2mm diameter triax / Belden type 9267
Up to 1,000m (3,300ft.) by 13.2mm diameter triax / Belden type 9267