CCU-970: 3G Camera Control Unit

CCU-970 is 3G ready Fiber transmission Camera Control Unit. 3G transmission systems can be configured in combination with 3G ready cameras.

  • 3G Wideband transmission between camera head and CCU as well as 1.5G output.
  • Build-in SDTV Down Converter as standard for SDTV/SDTV simulcast output.
  • 4 channels RET video input as standard. Input signal is either 3G-SDI or HD-SDI.
  • QTV (VBS) x1 as standard (2nd CH as option) and HD-SDI as option. *Note 1
  • HD-SDI TRUNK for the transmission of different video signal from camera between camera and CCU as option.*Note 2
  • Frame Synchronizer in RET video.*Note 3
  • SDI signal with embedded Audio
  • Also usable with existing HDK-79EX series / HDK-79GX cameras in 1.5G mode. *Note 4.

*Note 1: The return input signal can only be HDTV when this option is installed.
*Note 2: Only in 1.5G mode.
*Note 3:The RET input signal is fixed to 2CH when the frame synchronizer is in use. Also VBS return signal can not be synchronized.
*Note 4 : New functions provided by 3G transmission of HDK-97A are not available.

This unit is mainly used with :
HDK-97A with FA-97
HDK-79GX (in 1.5G mode) with FA-97