CCU-970M: 19-Inch Full-rack Camera Control Unit

The full rack width 3RU CCU-970M permits full SMPTE fiber cable extension with longer cable distance and more utility power.The CCU-970M supports 2 channels of QTV plus HD SDI QTV and 4 channel RET selection. In addition, an optional board set can be built-in providing full bandwidth uncompressed triax (1.5G) with simple front panel switching between fiber and triax cable use, in combination with mounting FA or TA to the HDK-79GX.

  • HD SDI QTV (Option)
    One channel of HD SDI is sent from CCU to camera head for an external purpose such as a vanity monitor for the talent to see the program video in HDTV (option). This channel is independent of RET video.
    Note: fitted as alternate to SDTV RET in CCU-970M.

  • 4 Return Video Input
    Standard configuration includes 4 inputs for HD RET and 4 inputs for SD RET (with up conversion to HD).Camera operator selects the RET input to be sent to the camera. When required a Frame Sync function can be selected for the RET video minimizing lock up disturbance (supports only 2 RET SDI inputs).

  • Embedded audio available as standard
    All SDI outputs can be embedded with the audio signals of MIC-1 and MIC-2. Each channel has variable adjustment for delay time and independent On/Off switching for embedded audio.

  • Simulcast
    Using a down converter and up converter incorporated in the CCU-970M, both HDTV and SDTV signals are provided simultaneously from the CCU.

Rating :

Input Signals
External Sync Signal 1ch (HDTV/SDTV auto detect)
HDTV: PS(1Vp-p) or SYNC(0.6Vp-p±6dB) 75 ohm bridged connection
SDTV: VBS(1Vp-p) or BBS, BBS+10Field ID 75 ohm bridged connection
Return Video Signal 75 ohm Single End HD-SDI 4ch
75 ohm Single End SD-SDI 4ch or SD-SDI/VBS 2ch (Option)
* SDTV Return is not available when optional HD-QTV(Trunk) module is installed.
* The total number of return input channels is 4 in HDTV and SDTV.
Q-TV Signal HDTV: HD SDI 75 ohm single end 1ch (Factory Option)
* The signal is transmitted to the camera head in Y, Pb, Pr 4:2:2 8bit.
SDTV: VBS 75 ohm single end 2ch
Intercom (ENG/PROD) 4-wire or Clearcom or RTS
4-wire : 0dBm 600 ohm 2ch
Clearcom : -15dBs 200 ohm 2ch
RTS : 0dBs 200 ohm 2ch

PGM (Program Sound) 0dBs 600 ohm/10k ohm switchable 2ch
Tally R/G 2ch MAKE/POWER selectable

Output Signals
[Main Video Signal] HD-SDI Signal : Serial Digital 75 ohm 2ch 4outputs
SD-SDI Signal : Serial Digital 75 ohm 1ch 2outputs
VBS Signal : 1.0Vp-p 75ohm 1ch 2outputs
[PM Signal] HD-SDI Signal Serial Digital 75 ohm 2ch 2outputs
SD-SDI/VBS Signal : Serial Digital or VBS 75 ohm 2ch 2outputs (MENU SELECTION)
[WFM Signal] 75 ohm Serial Digital Signal 2ch 2outputs
Phase Reference Signal 75 ohm single end Analog 1ch HDTV: Tri-Sync(0.6Vp-p) / SDTV: HV(2Vp-p) (MENU SELECTION)

Intercom (ENG/PROD) 4-wire or Clearcom or RTS
4-wire : 0dBm 600 ohm 2ch
Clearcom : -15dBs 200 ohm 2ch
RTS : 0dBs 200 ohm 2ch

MIC 0dBs 2ch 2outputs Low impedance

Tally R/G 2ch, OPEN (OFF) / GND (ON) 50mA (max)

Data Trunk RS-422 1ch *Option for camera side

Video Trunk HD-SDI Signal, Serial Digital 75 ohm 1ch (Option)

Digital Audio 75 ohm Digital Format BNC 1ch 1output 48KHz Sampling, 24bit Pro, 2-pair ch’s (AES3 Compliant)

Dimensions W483 x H133 x D454 mm (excluding protrusions)
(W19.00 x H5.25 x D17.88 inches)
Weight Approx. 28kg (61.73 lbs)
Ambient Temperature 0℃ ~ +40℃ (32°F ~ 104°F)
Relative Humidity 30% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
Operating Voltage AC100/110/117/220/240V ±10%
Power Consumption Approx. 110VA (CCU only) Power for camera head: less than 400VA
Maximum Cable Distance 2000m with 9.2mmφ Fiber Cable (HDK-790GX/79GX CCU-970M)
Support Products ・broadcast/HDK-970A/AP
・broadcast/HDK-790EXIII / HDK-79EXIII[α version]
・broadcast/HK-399W / HK-399PAW