FA-55: Fiber Camera Adaptor

FA-55 is 1.5G Fiber camera adaptor used with BSF-55 1.5G Base Station.

This unit is mainly used with :

HDK-79GX with BSF-55
HDK-55 with BSF-55

Input Signal
Return video signal none
External SYNC signal ‐60 to +4dB (variable)/-20dB (fixed)
Intercom signal 2 channels (XLR type or 110 type)
Output Signal
Main line video signal Y,Pb,Pr 4:2:2 digital serial (optical connector)
Y,Pb,Pr 4:2:2 digital serial (75ohm BNC)
Monitor video signal RET image HD SDI 4:1:1 or VF HD SDI 4:2:2
Analog signal G, B, R (D-Sub SE)
HD Y or NTSC/PAL VBS output (MON output terminal)
NTSC/PAL VBS output (AUX OUT terminal)
Q-TV 0 dBs 2 channels (XLR type or 110 type)
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