iHTR-100-series: Video Packetizing Optical Multiplex Fibre Transmission

Real Time Long Distance Transmission with no Compression for High Bit Rate Video Signals. The device provides 10 km (6.25 miles) transmission distance, multiplexing up to 20 Gbps of multiple format video. (20 Gbps require 2 x SFP Transceiver Module, 2-core fiber cable) It achieves efficient use of optical fiber by using Ikegami’s original multiplex method. Supports various video interfaces by selecting the plug-in unit to be installed in rear of the device. The HD-SDI plug-in interface also supports input and output for 3G and DVB-ASI. (3G, DVB-ASI are optional) With chain or loop connection, the distribution and switching of high bit rate video signals is easily achieved with simple cabling and switch setting. Super low transmission delay provides smooth remote camera control.