RCP-50B: Remote Control Panel


The RCP-50B (Remote Control Panel) can be used as a remote controller unit by connecting to a BS (Base Station)/CCU (Camera Control Unit) or a camera head. In this case, optional SETUP BOX is necessary. In addition, RCP-50B can also be installed directly to BS-79, BS-593, or the like as a front panel.

Built-in Maintenance Functions
In addition of the usual operation, the maintenance operation with the touch panel is possible.

Adopting SD Memory Card
SD memory card, which is adopted in digital still cameras, is adopted as a memory card which you can save and load the camera setting values.

Function Expansion
Even if the functions of a camera are increased, changing the software of the touch panel will cover them.

Function Call
It is possible to program up to 4 functions that are frequently used by the touch panel operation, and therefore, it is possible to call selected functions with one touch.

Power Consumption approx.33W )
External dimensions W152 x H151 x D67.2mm )
Support Products ・broadcast/HL-60AW
・broadcast/HDK-790EXIII / HDK-79EXIII[α version]
・broadcast/HK-399W / HK-399PAW
・broadcast/HDL-50 series