RM-51A: Remote controller

The RM-51A is a remote controller with essential functions for basic camera operation in a compact size.

  • Appropriate size of Control Knobs
    Appropriate size of Control Knobs provides you with ease of camera control.

  • Filter Remote
    It’s possible to remotely control optical filters on camera head from the controller, which allows
    efficient controls of cameras such as POV (point-of-view) camera, weather camera, etc.

  • Tally IN/OUT capability
    Thanks to Tally IN/OUT capability, tally control can be done for one-piece camera without tally-in feature, as well as, connecting with CCU/BS.

  • For new iris control
    It can be assumed the same iris control method as OCP-200 by setting an internal switch. The iris used easily more can control when combining with parallel operation and OCP-200 with MCP and using it.

Rating / Performance
Power requirements DC+9.0 ~ +18.0V (nominal DC+12V)
Power Consumption Approx. 3.6W
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ +40°C
Operating Humidity 30% ~ 90%(no condensing)
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Dimensions W90.7 x H76.9 x D151mm
Weight Approx. 450g
Support Products ・broadcast/HL-60AW
・broadcast/HDK-790EXIII / HDK-79EXIII[α version]
・broadcast/HK-399W / HK-399PAW
・broadcast/HDL-50 series