SE-H750: System Expander

  The SE-H750 System Expander enables the use of the 9-inch viewfinder and full studio lenses with the HDK-79GX, HDK-55, HDK-97A/97AP converting the portable camera into a full facility studio camera. Installation of the camera into the SE-H750 is very easy, and conversion back to portable configuration is quick for maximum operating flexibility.

Output Over Capacity Power for Script Lighting
DC 12V 0.5A

Power for Miscellaneous Use (None when BS-79 is supported.)
AC 100V 1.0A

Power for Lens (When lens supporter is operated.)
DC 12V 3.0A
Output Signals VF VIDEO
1.0Vp-p 75Ω 1 channel or 3 channels(color supported)
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +45°C
External Dimensions W403 ±5 x H279.5 ±5 x D333mm
Weight SE-H750 : 11.4kg, LS-H750 : 5.1kg
Support Products ・broadcast/HDK-97A