MKC-X800: Native 4K Medical Grade Camera


MKC-X800 is the beginning of Ikegami’s new camera generation for 4K resolution. MKC-X800 is a 4K-native progressive-scan 1-CMOS model with an ultra-compact head designed to be operated from a remote CCU. Features include ultra-high resolution, sophisticated GUI and single cable 4K output.

Excellent Image Quality with 4K Native Sensor
The 4K native sensor provides excellent video image quality. It produces superb resolution (1800TV lines horizontal resolution) and low picture noise (58dB S/N).

Touch Panel and Sophisticated GUI
Ikegami has developed a sophisticated and userfriendly new GUI design for the CCU (Camera Control Unit) touch panel. The GUI provides easier understanding and easier operation.

12G-SDI Output Possibility
MKC-X800 provides 4K output in 12G-SDI. This signal format comes from the professionel broadcast sector and allows 4K connection over a single coax cable for long distances (Maximum 50m) without signal quality loss.