CFA-400RIR: Surgery Microscope High Resolution Adaptor


Ikegami has developed new surgery microscope adaptors, CFA-400 series, for 3 chips Full HD (High Definition) and 4K cameras with the higher optical resolution. They equip the optical auto iris function and perform the deeper focus depth with Ikegami MKC camera series.

  • High Resolution
    Higher resolution of the optical lens even for 4K cameras. Approximately 1.5 times better than conventional model.

  • Bright Optics
    The new optical design is developed for the brighter optics. Approximately 1.3 times better than conventional model.

  • Optical Auto Iris
    The optical iris can be adjusted automatically and it can contribute to perform deeper focal length.

  • Remote Focus Control
    The remote controller can easily control the focus adjustment even during the surgery.

  • One Push Automatic Filter Changer
    One pushing button on the remote controller can automatically switch the integrated filter to move to ICG mode with Ikegami MKC cameras.

Camera sensor 1/3-inch recommended
Lens mount C-mount
Focal length Fixed : 53mm
Iris power DC12V±10%, 120mA or less
Focus Remote focus
X-Y axis adjustment Available
Filter change One push automatic
Size 113.5 x 79 x 45 mm
Weight 450g or less
Support Products ・medical/MKC-230HD Rev.A


CFA‐400 Surgery Microscope High Resolution Adaptor(PDF:1MB)