IPD-VR11 : Hyper Wide Light Dynamic IP Network Vandal Resistant Dome Camera


Ikegami has been a world leader in analog camera technology for over half a century. The IPD line of network cameras represents the same quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from the Ikegami in an Internet Protocol (IP) platform.
The IPD-VR11 combines the benefits of an IP network camera with our Hyper Wide Dynamic technology. The resulting sub-megapixel camera captures more useful information from a given scene than megapixel cameras with much greater bandwidth requirements.
IP network cameras produce images previously unimaginable with analog cameras, and allow for modern low-voltage integration at an unprecedented level. If there is one “Achilles heel” to traditional IP technology, it would be the challenge of uneven illumination (i.e. window areas, lobby entrances of buildings, or any location where intense bright and dark areas coincide). With the IPD-VR11 images are clear and natural, regardless of lighting conditions. The sub-megapixel camera delivers a perfect balance of resolution and bandwidth usage for video surveillance.