ISD-A33:Hyper Wide Light Dynamic Dome Color Camera

(Discontinued: 2017.12) Limited quantity available» Replaced by ISD-A33S


As the newest addition to the Ikegami Hyper Dynamic Camera Series, Model ISD-A33 features an extremely wide light dynamic range, high sensitivity and high resolution enabled by a 1/3-inch Pixim Seawolf sensor and Ikegami’s digital processing technology. This camera is equipped with an auto iris vari-focal lens, back-light compensation, automatic iris control and phase adjustable AC line lock or crystal controlled internal sync lock system. It is a Hyper Wide Light Dynamic Range Dome Camera that reproduces a clear and natural image even in locations where there is a significant difference in the intensity of illumination, such as window areas, or in lobby entrance of building. ISD-A33 employs an aesthetic dome housing that is suitable for indoor use.

Model Name (Color, Lens type)

  • ISD-A33-31BLACK: Black case, 2.9-10mm lens
  • ISD-A33-31WHITE: White case, 2.9-10mm lens
  • ISD-A33-92BLACK: Black case, 9-22mm lens
  • ISD-A33-92WHITE: White case, 9-22mm lens