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Provocative Weekly Series Specifies HDK-97ARRI Cameras,
Which Combine A Large Format Super 35MM CMOS Sensor in an Ikegami Unicam HD Camera

MAYWOOD, NJ – July 28, 2016: August 18, 2016: A&E Network has launched its new original comedy series, “Black and White,” with advanced cameras on the set. The provocative new weekly show starring comedians Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small debuted in July with the extremely high quality imagery of four Ikegami HDK-97ARRI Super 35mm Format Cameras.

A pioneering marriage of technology between two recognized industry leaders, Ikegami and ARRI, the HDK-97ARRI is a broadcast-style production camera with digital cinema characteristics. The HDK-97ARRI was chosen specifically for the series by Executive Producer Jim Biederman of Jimco Productions, which is producing “Black and White” for A&E Network.

“The choice of camera comes into play the minute I book the studio,” Biederman says. “The first time I saw the Ikegami HDK-97ARRI at work I thought they were extremely impressive. When it came time to assemble the production package for ‘Black and White’ I said, ‘These are the cameras I want.'”

All four Ikegami HDK-97ARRi cameras onset are from the inventory of Manhattan Center Productions (MCP), and facilitated by Ted Nelson of USTV television management services. Recorded before a studio audience, “Black and White” tackles current and relevant news stories through the prism of race and uses comedy to diffuse the tension.

Biederman and his colleagues were drawn to the film-like look of the HDK-97ARRI, which helps them to achieve high-end results without an extravagant budget. “Anyone watching the show at home will think we spent a million dollars on the set,” he says. “It makes everything – including people – look great. The imagery it produces has a very rich quality to it, with a softness that I can’t achieve using any other camera.”

“The network definitely appreciates that we’re using the Ikegami HDK-97ARRI,” continues Biederman. “When A&E saw how ‘Black and White’ looked through these cameras, they were blown away. These cameras are also saving time, and therefore money, in post. I have a limited amount of time to turn each episode around, and typically in a traditional multi-camera studio set up like this I expect to do a lot of color correction. However, these HDK-97ARRI cameras calibrate together very well. That’s a time-saver, which makes us more efficient.”

Jim Biederman believes that “Black and White” can not only change the way people think about a TV show, but also what they expect to see onscreen. “The Ikegami HDK-97ARRI is a big leap forward,” he concludes. “With every production, the challenge I take on is to make people say, ‘Wow, that feels really different and new.’ The HDK-97ARRI is an important part of meeting that challenge for ‘Black and White.'”

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