New Turnkey Production Facility At the Ready With 4K/2K/HDR/HD Versatility, Superior 24 Million Pixel Imagery from Three 2/3-inch 4K CMOS Sensors

MAHWAH, NJ – April 2, 2018: Vista Studios, an ambitious new turnkey production facility in Los Angeles, is off to a fast start. Driven by an experienced executive team, its 30,000 square feet of studios are designed with versatility and end-to-end support at the core. Their choice for image acquisition is Ikegami UHK-430 4K Native Portable CMOS Cameras, at the ready to capture their clients’ vision straight up to 4K.

“This is the most energizing time in the history of our business,” says Randall Heer, Founder & Partner, CEO of Vista Studios. “Never before has there been so much content, with so much diversity, slated for production from such a range of media companies. The camera is one of the most important equipment choices we made for Vista Studios, because that’s where all this content is captured – it’s how we augment the lighting, staging and personalities that are engaging audiences.”

“The Ikegami UHK-430 fits in perfectly with our goal of building a robust 4K core that delivers an extremely vibrant, color-dense image: It looks stunning, with great color saturation and warm tones. These cameras excel in 4K, 2K HDR, and base HD formats – the performance is amazing, and at an attractive cost point.”

Part of Ikegami’s Unicam XE camera series, the UHK-430 is designed for use in the studio and the field. It provides Ikegami’s superb imagery in true 4K, featuring three 2/3-inch 4K (3840×2160) CMOS sensors with RGB prism optics, for “Real 4K” resolution from 24 million pixels (8 million per sensor).

The Ikegami UHK-430’s were immediately pressed into action at the facility, for such high-profile shows as “Make Up or Break Up” on Facebook Live, which stands as the first live multi-camera show in the social network’s history. Other recent productions include Freeform’s “Movie Night with Karlie Kloss,” AMC’s “History of Horror,” “MasterClass” sessions, and projects for EA Sports & FX.

With its unparalleled ability to translate onscreen LED displays, Vista Studios’ UHK-430 cameras have proven particularly popular among producers of gaming content. “The gaming world loves this camera,” confirms Heer. “The UHK-430 shoots a big, flamboyant monitor wall with clean color saturation better than any other camera available. When we’re producing a show with live game play we shoot the gamers’ chairs with the monitor wall behind them, and it captures the game with no aliasing — as cleanly as if the signal were going in direct.”

A 35-year broadcasting and video production veteran, Heer has long been familiar with Ikegami’s commitment to total customer service. “This is an Ikegami sales and support staff that’s backing us up 100%,” he says.

With the Ikegami UHK-430 in house, Vista Studios has 4K native CMOS cameras that are exactly in line with their philosophy: Be prepared to give the client exactly what they need – with no waiting. “Every camera and core system must be modular and 4K/2K/HD capable with fast turnkey deployment,” states Randall Heer. “Our Ikegami camera platform is ready to solve any client requirement, the moment they walk in the door.”

About Ikegami:
Ikegami is a leading supplier of high quality professional broadcast equipment. The Ikegami name is recognized globally for its state-of-the-art television cameras, Medical cameras and CCTV equipment. World-class CMOS imagery, 4K and 8K technology, multi-format flexibility, and unparalleled customer support define the Ikegami experience for users in broadcast, sports venues, mobile production, houses of worship, education, corporate and many more applications.

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