Classic Look & Feel of Full-Size Studio Version of Ikegami UHK-430 True 4K Camera
Specified by Louisiana-based International Ministry


MAHWAH, NJ – April 6, 2018: With 31 years of broadcasting experience, Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM) understands what its audience expects. The Destrehan, Louisiana-based international ministry knows that outstanding video is key to spreading their message, a connection that’s made even stronger with the recent addition of Ikegami UHK-435 cameras.

“People expect crystal-clear content,” says Jules Boquet, Director of Global Broadcasting for JDM. “From local affiliates to national broadcasts and worldwide satellite distribution our content is delivered to every corner of the globe. If you don’t have great image acquisition, then you can’t produce video that’s comparable to commercial content. It’s very important to us to have the best possible camera, which is why we chose the Ikegami UHK-435: It outperforms everything else.”

An Ikegami house since 1993, Boquet and his team looked to Ikegami again as it prepared for its 4K upgrade. On their wish list was not just superb imagery and multi-format flexibility, but an actual hard camera configuration. As the world’s first 2/3-inch 3-CMOS sensor 4K/HD full studio camera, the Ikegami UHK-435 alone met all JDM’s key criteria.

The full-size, studio companion version of the UHK-430 4K camera from Ikegami’s Unicam XE camera series, the UHK-435 brings the classic look and feel desired by many content creators for their studio productions.

“Going with a studio-style camera was very important to us,” Boquet says. “That configuration has more room for components internally, which provides better and quieter cooling and leads to a longer and more trouble-free life of the unit. It simplifies the studio setup/production/tear-down/maintenance cycle. There’s also full support for studio use. For example, the new UHK-435 has four return outputs, which allow us to hook up not only program out, but also our teleprompter, which reduces cable clutter in the sanctuary and on the studio floor.”

The proof is in the UHK-435’s performance, which benefits from three 2/3-inch 4K (3840×2160) CMOS sensors with RGB prism optics, for “Real 4K” resolution from 24 million pixels (8 million per sensor). “The imagery is absolutely gorgeous,” states Boquet. “From low-light to high-light situations, it’s the best we’ve seen. The Ikegami UHK-435’s output looks like a picture, as opposed to a lot of digital lines on a screen – it’s a warm, filmic look.”

JDM is commencing HDR production immediately, capturing and archiving its content in 4K while currently transmitting live in SDR. With the availability of both 12G and Quad 3G, the UHK-435 had the versatility that the ministry needed. “The flexibility of having both has enabled us to choose from a wider range of equipment in our UHD-HDR upgrade,” Boquet says.

“Having 12G on the CCU has also enabled us to simplify our wiring and reduce the size, power, complexity and cost of our plant.”

“Probably the most impressive feature is the independent coloring, matrices and shading of the camera’s HDR and SDR outputs,” he continues. “While we know that the industry is moving towards HDR, everyone is still broadcasting in SDR right now, regardless of resolution. With today’s fast-paced production environment, being able to shade and acquisition both HDR and SDR separately allows us to maximize visual quality of both production pipelines, which in turn helps reduce post-production time, bandwidth and storage usage.”

JDM’s 25 years with Ikegami – most recently enjoying a long, reliable run with the HDK-790E – gave Boquet total confidence in the company’s renowned customer service. “We look at our vendors as a partner in reaching our goals,” Boquet notes. “I don’t even have to think about Ikegami’s support, it’s that dependable. We know we can count on it.”

4K is happening now at Jesse Duplantis Ministries, and this forward-thinking International Ministry has hit the ground running with the Ikegami UHK-435. “Ours is a message of hope, and we have to reflect excellence when we’re broadcasting our message,” says Jules Boquet, “so we always buy the best – that’s Ikegami.”

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