Cost-Effective CMOS-Equipped Unicam HD Cameras Help Growing House of Worship Make the Most of Live and Streaming Video


MAHWAH, NJ – June 6, 2018: As a house of worship grows, video plays an increasingly important role. Oak Hills Church, based in San Antonio, TX, has seen that first-hand as they’ve expanded beyond their original home to a new 2,600-seat worship center and six satellite campuses. Keeping everyone connected: the Ikegami HC-HD300 3-CMOS HDTV camera.

When Oak Hills Church was designing their updated video production center, they were confident Ikegami cameras would provide crisp, lifelike image reproduction in the main auditorium and to their multi-sites. “Everyone who’s in broadcast or works seriously with a camera knows that Ikegami is the upper echelon,” says Jordan Pierce, CTS, ECP, A/V Systems Engineer of Oak Hills Church. “The image quality of the Ikegami HC-HD300 is fantastic. The colors are completely reproduced and what you see looks very natural and authentic.”

“I feel that technology should be transparent — it should not get in the way of getting your message out,” Pierce continues. “Our pastor isn’t at the other campuses every week, so our biggest hurdle is creating that connection. We’ve got to break that wall and not let people get distracted by the fact that he isn’t physically there — the Ikegami HC-HD300 cameras allow us to do that. Its imagery is exactly where it needs to be, and so is the price point.”

A highly flexible, docking style camera that represents Ikegami’s most affordable HD studio camera system, the HC-HD300 features a 2.5 million pixel 3-CMOS optical block design, in keeping with the outstanding imagery and same rugged construction of the broadcast-ready Unicam HD line.

Oak Hills Church uses their three Ikegami HC-HD300 cameras to capture the full worship service, which includes live music as well as publishing the sermons to Vimeo. In addition, the Ikegami cameras can be called on to shoot special events, live concerts, graduation ceremonies, and more.

The HC-HD300’s ease of use has been key for the mostly volunteer crew that uses the cameras on the weekend. “Our volunteer operators learned how to use the Ikegami cameras quickly,” says Pierce. “We also have volunteer shaders working the Ikegami OCP-10 control panels, which are very ergonomic — you can accomplish functions like level control with one handstroke.”

Oak Hills Church experienced Ikegami’s elite support the day the cameras arrived. “Ikegami sent great people out to do the training when we first opened and commissioned the facility,” Pierce says. “Their engineer showed us everything we needed so we could do a beautiful job. And from my past experience in broadcast, I know that if you need a repair Ikegami will fix it immediately.”

As Oak Hills Church continues to grow, they feel they have the perfect camera for spreading their message. “With the HC-HD300 we’ve got great quality equipment that we can rely on,” Jordan Pierce concludes. “And it’s affordable, which means I didn’t have to sacrifice more lighting, connectivity or anything else. Our Ikegami cameras have been the gift that keeps on giving.”

Ikegami is a leading supplier of high quality professional broadcast equipment. The Ikegami name is recognized globally for its state-of-the-art television cameras, Medical cameras and CCTV equipment. World-class CMOS imagery, 4K and 8K technology, multi-format flexibility, and unparalleled customer support define the Ikegami experience for users in broadcast, sports venues, mobile production, houses of worship, education, corporate and many more applications.

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