Four New Portable Full Digital HD Cameras Being Deployed for Corporate Events, Sports Production and More

THISTLE COMMUNICATIONSMAHWAH, NJ – February 25, 2019: Corporations are striving to communicate better and more often, while still reining in expenses. The most efficient way to cut down on travel budgets is by increasing streaming video production values at corporate events, a trend that’s increasing the workload for elite mobile providers like Thistle Communications.

In response to increased demands for its remote services in this vital sector, Northeast-based Thistle Communications has added four new Ikegami HDK-55 Full Digital HDTV cameras to its inventory.

“Our new Ikegami HDK-55’s are the core of a second HDK-55 flypack that we are deploying on our small- to mid-sized mobile units nationwide,” says Jim Thistle, Partner and General Manager of Thistle Communications. “They are a cost-effective camera that allows us to be very competitive in the corporate market. We can also pair the HDK-55’s to our higher-end Ikegami HDK-95C cameras when we need to add them to any truck-based production, and they match up perfectly.”

A longtime Ikegami user, Thistle demonstrated his total confidence in his new HDK-55’s by giving them their first-ever assignment at Super Bowl LIII. “They were shipped straight to Atlanta for Super Bowl coverage as soon as we as we received them,” he notes. “You’re on the air practically 24/7 that week, and there’s little room for failure: The performance of our brand-new HDK-55 flypack was flawless during a very fast-paced week.”

For Thistle and his team, that super showing was a fresh demonstration of the powerful partnership between Ikegami and their busy mobile fleet. “I can’t say enough about the service and support that Ikegami has shown us over the years,” says Thistle. “You can always reach them, they do repairs quickly, ship overnight – they bail us out of any situation.”

From Super Bowls to streaming high-quality corporate productions, Thistle Productions’ latest Ikegami cameras have proven to be a very efficient addition. “People are demanding more quality on stricter budgets,” Jim Thistle says. “That’s where the Ikegami HDK-55 fits right in.”

Ikegami is a leading supplier of high quality professional broadcast equipment. The Ikegami name is recognized globally for its state-of-the-art television cameras, Medical cameras and CCTV equipment. World-class CMOS imagery, 4K and 8K technology, multi-format flexibility, and unparalleled customer support define the Ikegami experience for users in broadcast, sports venues, mobile production, houses of worship, education, corporate and many more applications.

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