Ikegami announces UHK-X700 2/3-inch 4K/HD Global Shutter 3-CMOS Sensor System Camera

UHK-X700 Ikegami announces a major addition to its UNICAM XE 4K system camera series. The new UHK-X700 2/3-inch 3-CMOS 4K/HD system camera is designed for broadcast-quality video production, meeting the requirements of an extensive range of customer applications. It is equipped with Ikegami AXII ASICs which encapsulate the broadcast-quality video processing technology Ikegami has cultivated over many years. The camera includes full support for high dynamic range (HDR) and optional support for high frame rate (HFR).

 The UHK-X700 is a lightweight ergonomic camera optimized for both tripod and on the shoulder use. Fully processed video is available direct from the camera head, including 4K video for self-contained configurations such as integrated into a wireless system.

 When combined with the new BSX-100 base station, the UHK-X700 supports output in various 4K and HD video formats, including flexible support for simultaneous production in 4K HDR and HD SDR. The compact half rack base station supports transmission of uncompressed 4K video signals.

 4K 2x speed and HD up to 8x speed high frame rate shooting is possible as an option for applications such as capturing fast motion in sport or stage events. The UHK-X700 is equipped with three newly developed 2/3-inch CMOS global shutter sensors providing improved reproduction of images when shooting LED screens.

 The UHK-X700 is scheduled for delivery from Q2 2021.

Main features

  • Newly developed 2/3-inch 4K global shutter CMOS sensors, RGB prism imaging system
  • The camera head can be operated independently with a 12G-SDI output
  • Supports high frame rate shooting at 4K 2x speed and HD up to 8x speed (with base station connection)
  • Remote Back-focus Adjustment
  • Supports HDR (HLG) / SDR, BT.2020 / BT.709 color space
  • Supports 4K HDR / HD SDR simulcast output (with BSX-100)
  • Well-balanced with a low center of gravity

Peripheral equipment

  • Various types of viewfinder: VFL201D 2-inch LCD, VFL701D 7-inch full HD LCD, VFE741D 7.4-inch OLED
  • OCP-300 operation control panel
  • SE-U430 system expander for telephoto box lens support
Model UHK-X700
Release Date Q2 2021


Image sensor 2/3-inch 4K global shutter 3x CMOS
Lens mount B4
Sensitivity F10 (2160p/59.94), F11 (2160p/50)
Operating temperature -20 to +45 °C (-4 to 113 °F)
30% to 90% (when there is no condensation)
Dimensions W 148.5 x H 243 x D340 mm
(W 5.9 x H 9.6 x D 13.4 inches), including handle.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

UHK-X700 demo video