iFIT Energizes Interactive Health and Fitness with Ikegami HDK-99 Cameras

6.4 Million Member Subscriber Base Experiences Innovative Content Captured by
Eight Ikegami HDK-99 3G Full Digital 3-CMOS HDTV Portable Cameras

MAHWAH, NJ – June 7, 2022 – It takes something special to succeed in the highly competitive fitness marketplace. iFIT stands out with its unique approach to interactive health and fitness, creating a packed daily schedule of fresh content with Ikegami HDK-99 3G Full Digital 3-CMOS HDTV Portable Cameras.

iFIT reaches a 6.4 million-member subscriber base, streaming over 141 million interactive workouts in 2021. Eight Ikegami HDK-99 cameras cover two sets at iFIT’s production center, as a team of 180+ expert trainers and health professionals lead iFIT’s uniquely engaging classes for both bike and treadmill.

“At iFIT, delivering the best fitness experience to our members is paramount and the Ikegami HDK-99 provides unsurpassed quality during our highly interactive broadcasts,” says Richard Katz, Executive Producer. “Fast motion, LED wall imagery, artistic lighting and numerous camera angles create a demanding environment to capture our fitness journeys. The dynamic range offered by Ikegami sensors, combined with the seemingly endless amount of camera customizable options, made the HDK-99 the perfect choice.”

A longtime user of Ikegami cameras, Katz knew that the HDK-99 would consistently deliver for his team, working flawlessly through iFIT’s relentless schedule. “Once cameras are chipped at the beginning of a shift, they must be able to perform nonstop despite changing sets, backgrounds and people,” he says. “As the complexity of the workouts increase, the demands on cameras to shoot in lower light, tighter quarters and be 100% reliable will only increase.”

The Ikegami HDK-99 incorporates three 2/3-inch 2.6 megapixel CMOS sensors, each capable of capturing full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution images at 1200% dynamic range and a sensitivity of F11 at 60 Hz combined with high signal-to-noise ratio and modulation depth. 1080p, 1080i and 720p HD formats are supported. The HDK-99 connects to the compact and lightweight BSX-100 3G Fiber Base Station using up to 6500 feet of SMPTE camera cable with power from the base station, or up to six miles using single mode fiber and local power. An optional license and board provides 12G SDI outputs from the BSX-100, allowing an affordable transition from HD to UHD production. An optional MoIP board is also available to transition to ST.2110 IP connectivity.

The HDK-99 provides an HLG mode conforming to the ITU-R BT.2100 international standard for high dynamic range. Wide color gamut is also supported. Up to five HDR gamma curves can be loaded into the camera for instant switchover to high dynamic range operation in different standards.
Core of the HDK-99 is the AXII processor which can perform high speed processing of super high resolution video signals in various formats and frame rates. It also provides real-time 16-axis color correction allowing fine tuning of hue and saturation which is especially useful in live multi-camera applications. Additionally, the AXII delivers an improved focus assist function.

Ikegami’s renowned commitment to elite service and support has continued to shine through for iFIT. “I have decades of experience with Ikegami from plumbicon tube HL-79s to today’s 8K sensors,” Katz states. “While image quality is always a driver, my loyalty to the company has been built around sales support and service. I have been fortunate to have some incredible sales reps and have also met many individuals in senior leadership – they all take the time to listen and problem-solve as a team.”

At iFIT, Ikegami cameras support a vision to create the world’s most holistic health and fitness platform, integrating all elements of people’s health into a seamless interactive experience.

“The connected fitness industry expanded exponentially during the pandemic,” says Richard Katz. “While many companies say they make a difference in people’s lives, we really do! I am in good hands with the HDK-99s. Ikegami has exceeded my expectations for three decades and continues to do so.”

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